SNSD 090215 SBS Inkigayo – Gee Remix

I’m not a huge fan of this remix but I feel obliged to grow to like it because I’m a big fan of SNSD.
The remix just sounded slow and weird at times. I wish they did the same kind of thing Wonder Girls did with So Hot remix (like keep most parts of the original, but add an extra dance part in the middle). Gee already sounds like a remixed song so I thought it was a weird to completely remix the entire thing all over again.
The dance was also … eh. I thought it looked a bit unorganized. Especially when one side would do a dance and the other side wouldn’t.
But the remix had its good points. It was a fresh new dance (not entirely… but still) and a new outfit (also not entirely… and I don’t really like the layering of tops but it’s new). The best part was the beginning. Though I do like the Fany/Sica beginning, I loved how they used the Gee preview thing for the beginning of the remix.

Anyways. I do hope SNSD sticks with just performing the original version of Gee but this remix was interesting to watch.



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