SNSD 090111 SBS Inkigayo – Him Nae & Gee

Their talk at the beginning was so cute =) Especially when they sang Gee. And they just look so pretty.
1. Him Nae was really good. They all looked so pretty and Sica… omg omg she looked gorgeous. And they all sang perfectly. Even Yoona, who usually is a bit off tune was perfect. I loved their outfits and rock concept. And can I say just how adorable Taeyeon was with the two little things on her head (I still can’t figure out what exactly it is… haha).
2. Gee was also a lot better than the Music Core perf. For one, I liked these white t-shirt/jeans outfits much better. I still can’t figure out what exactly Fany said in the beginning (it’s supposed to be “listen boy” but she switched it to something else… maybe Jess? I don’t know). I just noticed the “g” part of the dance. I didn’t notice it yesterday lol. I felt the chorus was lipsynced again? But not sure. I’m sure SNSD did not mean to lipsync it. The fans were probably just too loud.

I still liked Him Nae perf better though… But the song Gee is more catchy.

SNSD HWAITING!!! hoping for a #1 soon!!!!!!!!!!!!


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