EAST OF EDEN – episode 38
January 11, 2009, 2:36 AM
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Finally I got around to watching this. So, recap.

It begins with YR getting kidnapped… by these guys I’ve never seen before.
Then it switches to DC and DW sleeping, well they’re awake. DW asks DC what’s wrong but DC doesn’t tell him.

The next day at breakfast, awkward silence… and then Chunhee reminds DC that tomorrow is DW’s birthday and tells him not to do anything rash. DC is reminded of the past and breaks down again and leaves the room. DW follows him and asks what’s wrong and DC doesnt answer. Instead, he tells DW to remember that they’ll never be separated. And then nice hyung-dongsaeng hug (aww).
And… then the moment is ruined by Pres Gook.

Gook comes and tells DC Youngran’s kidnapped… (um why isn’t Gook sending people to go after her? gosh… irresponsible father). That Chinese guy who follows Gook around tells DC that Gook is only using him (I guess Gook wants to get DC out of the way)…
I don’t follow the HyeRin scenes anymore… just because she’s leaving the drama soon and I just don’t bother.
And then Shin family dinner. Myung Hoon calls STH… PRESIDENT. not father. STH and Myung Hoon argue again and Myung Hoon calls STH an “evil man”… well he is. And then STH says Myung Hoon isn’t his son. I’d be ecstatic if I was Myung Hoon.

DC and Uncle Chaeng going somewhere in the car. Chaeng tells DC not to worry about Young Ran and to distance himself from Gook. And is DC going to do that… probably no because he loves Young Ran =)
I loved this next part so much. It’s the selling off of the TaeSung electronics branch meeting.
And oh its so dramatic. So STH’s assistant tells STH that DC showed up and of course he’s extremely surprised.
And then dramatic music… and it’s DC coming through the door (looking gorgeous as always haha). Myung Hoon is also surprised but more pleasantly surprised than STH who’s just fuming when he finds out DC was the one who bought TaeSung electronics. It’s amazing when DC is like “Nice to meet you. I’m the Tae Sung electronics’ new president, Lee Dong Chul”. And STH is just like oh my god. And DC is looking smug as always.

STH says DC has nothing to be happy about since he bought a company that’s falling apart. And DC retorts saying that he could just reveal the corruption of Taesung electronics and ruin Taesung. STH then yells at MH for making the mistake of selling Taesung electronics. And then DC stands up for MH saying that MH practiced moral business tactics and ran the company well, unlike STH.
In the elevator, STH yells at his assistant for not being able to kill/”make useless” DC’s mom. And of course MH stands up for his biological mother.
Now it’s Gook and the Chinese guy who tells Gook that DC went to check up on Taesung electronics rather than go find YR. This just seems to confirm to me that Gook is trying to set DC up.
And it also seems that DW is getting involved with YR’s kidnapping. I got a big confused but I guess DW sent some people to go see where the kidnappers came from and they found out that the kidnappers were from Macao. DW then asks why Gook didn’t tell the police (because he’s trying to get DC killed… ugh) and the guy DW is talking to says there’s a deal going on. And then DW decides to go to deal with this personally.

DC and Chaeng meet up with Gook and DC tells Gook that he’ll go rescue YR despite Chaeng’s suggestion not to.
At a restaurant, STH and his mom are waiting for Janice and they see HR and this other rich guy… I don’t even want to understand what’s happening so w/e.

STH is talking to Janice and he tells her that he has only one regret and that’s losing her. Rebecca is secretly listening to their conversation (I guess she doesn’t like Janice either?). When Janice gets up and leaves, Rebecca laughs and comes over to mock STH, telling him that she has to destroy Janice’s car like he destroyed hers (meaning she’s going to try to kill Janice… crazy much).

Taeho does the hand motions that DC, DW, and Lee Ki Chul do, to JH. Of course she’s extremely surprised… and then DC calls asking to meet up.
When they meet up, Taeho does the hand motions at DC and is surprised DC knows what they mean. It’s the cutest scene when DC finally gets to see his nephew and omg the hug is just amazing.

Then DC and JH talk. Basically they both know the truth that MH is DC’s brother but they both want to keep it a secret.
Jung Ja then arrives at a restaurant where DC is waiting for her… I guess he’s going to tell her the truth.
MH arrives at the hospital where his grandfather is hospitalized because of STH. The grandfather is probably going to die now… but his will is stolen by no other than our lovely STH.

And back to DC and Jung Ja… yeah he told her. And she’s sobbing saying that she can’t deal with this herself. But he says she has to just watch over the situation just in case something happens to him (something like he gets killed… indirectly by Gook)

more later… =)


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