SNSD 090110 MBC Music Core – Gee & Him Nae Comeback Perf
January 10, 2009, 4:24 PM
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Great comeback. They have so much energy; glad they used their break well. Their vocals improved so much, especially Tiffany’s and Hyoyeon’s. So the chorus of Gee was lipsynced because the fanchant was too loud and MBC had to replace the original live chorus with the recorded version. Can’t wait to hear the chorus live! I’m a bit disappointed in the dance to Gee. I thought it could’ve been more catchy and addictive but the song is amazing so it makes up for the dance.

And now the Him Nae perf… OMG IT WAS AMAZING. Vocals were great, it sounded just like the recording and this is a live performance with dancing. The outfits were also great (I wasn’t a huge fan of the Gee outfits) and they had so much energy in this one.

All in all, great comeback. I hope they can get a #1 soon!!!!
SNSD hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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