Boys Over Flowers – episode 2

Episode 2 was better than episode 1. The story is starting to move quicker and all the actors were given a chance to show their acting skills. However, Hyun Joong needs desperately to improve his acting. I shouldn’t be this harsh because he has almost no acting experience but I just feel that everytime I watch him talk, I cringe. Everyone else’s acting is pretty good. I feel like Kim Bum hasn’t had the chance to show his best acting skills (he was amazing in East of Eden) but I think his character will get a larger part in the Korean version. Min Ho is amazing. He can definitely play the part of Jun Pyo very well. Hye Sun is growing on me and I think she did a better job of her portrayal of Jandi in the second episode. And I love the three girls who torment Jandi in school. They’re just so funny and mean; it makes the drama really interesting.

One part that really creeped me out was when Hyun Joong was laying his face on the poster of Seo Hyun… It was just weird like who does that?

Jun Pyo’s smugness is so funny and cute. He always insists that Jandi will indeed come find him and apologize. It’s really funny when Jandi instead comes and finds him but yells rather than apologize. And she kicks Jun Pyo right in the face (that part was really funny).

His curly hair’s really growing on me. =)

And yet, after all this, Jun Pyo comes to the odd conclusion that Jandi likes him. And again he looks smug as always.

The part where Jun Pyo’s men kidnap Jandi to his house is a bit unrealistic as Jandi does not resist anything the makeup artists and clothing people do to her.

The part when Jun Pyo tells her to just admit that she likes him is really cute and sweet. But Jandi of course tells him he’s crazy and (haha) that his brain is fried because of all the greasy foods he eats.

And guess who Jandi bumps into as she’s leaving Jun Pyo’s house? Ah a classic Asian drama. Jihoo. They have a talk… where I think Hyun Joong’s lack of acting experience really showed through. Jihoo lets Jandi borrow his shoes since she threw the shoes Jun Pyo’s people gave her away.

When she goes to return the shoes, she bumps into Woo Bin and Yi Jung and they tell her about Jihoo’s story of how his parents died in a car accident, and he got autism, and how Seo Hyun was the only one able to pull him out of his own little world. So Jandi gets really sad and when she’s playing dodgeball, she gets hit in the head since she’s not paying attention. And now comes my favorite part of this episode.
Junpyo comes and tries to comfort Jandi but fails miserably. Such a cute scene. He also asks “What is it that you hate about me? I’m hot, tall, smart, rich. How… How can you not like me?”. Cutest line ever and it really shows how clueless Jun Pyo is to what Jandi really thinks about him.

There’s a class trip to Europe (that costs a huge amount of money so obviously Jandi skips out but Jun Pyo gets himself excited of being able to go with her on a trip).

He’s all nervous and fidgety as he’s waiting for her but of course she never comes.

Jihoo is also nervous but for different reasons. Seo Hyun is coming back!! And she looks gorgeous.

Jandi and her friend, Ga Eul go on a fishing boat to make extra money (Jandi’s dad has gambling debts). But of course Jun Pyo shows up on a huge cruise ship (with the rest of the class) and ruins Jandi’s day.

Jun Pyo instead claims that he’s only here because he wants to experience something new (because going on a tour to Europe is just so boring…). Oh and he says its a total coincidence he bumped into Jandi… right…
Jun Pyo invites her to go with the rest of the class but she turns him down. When Jihoo (who’s with Seo Hyun) invites her, she quickly says yes.

So at the welcoming party for Seo Hyun, Jandi shows up in a Wonder Woman costume. And guess who told her it was a costume party? The evil trio.

Jun Pyo is mad and begins to move to help Jandi but Jihoo is one step ahead and Jihoo and Seo Hyun help Jandi. Seo Hyun tells the trio that what they did shows that they’re low and not Jandi.

Seo Hyun brings Jandi to Seo Hyun’s room where she makes Jandi up and lends her a dress (which I don’t particularly like) and pretty heels.

Jun Pyo is extremely surprised and drops his plate (aw cute ^^)

Again, Jihoo is one step ahead. Seo Hyun pushes Jihoo towards Jandi and Jihoo gives Jandi his hand.

Ok so I did not mean for this to be a recap but I just started recapping it before I knew it, so from now on I’ll be doing recaps of dramas. I haven’t figured out how to screencap so I’ve been using DramaBeans’ screencaps. But once I figure out how to, I’ll be using my own

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