BOYS OVER FLOWERS – 1st episode

Boys Over Flowers

First episode of a bound-to-be hit drama!!!
I watched it with Chinese subs (my understanding of Chinese is not very good) but I got the gist of what was going on. Personally, after watching Taiwanese and Japanese versions of this drama, I think the Korean version will be the best. The acting may not be on par with other Korean dramas but it is after all a more “teenage-y” drama and very strong acting is not always required for a hit drama.

That said, the Korean version has an amazing cast. All members of Flower 4 (the group of four amazingly attractive rich boys who torment anyone who gets in their way at the school they practically own) are very attractive (I didn’t find ALL members of F4 attractive in Taiwanese or Japanese versions). Makino (lead girl) played by Goo Hye Sun was a good choice, despite the age gap.
The acting is passable, but I think there is too much overacting. That might contribute to the comic aspect of this drama but it’s too much at times.
The first episode seemed to really parallel the Japanese version a bit too much for me. But viewers who have not yet watched the Japanese version will very enjoy the first episode.
I also liked that the Korean version explained how exactly Makino is able to attend Shinhwa (Eitoku in Japanese version) School since it’s a school only for the ultra-rich.

What was really bad in my opinion was the SOUNDTRACK. Seriously, the soundtrack sucked… especially the opening song.

On a side note, can I mention how much Minho (Domyouji/Jun pyo) reminds me of Super Junior Choi Siwon?

credit javabeans

And also he pulls off the curly hair really well. This was something I was dreading, that maybe I wouldn’t be able to look Minho in the face because of the hair.

credit javabeans

But it actually looks pretty good on him…

All in all, it was an enjoyable first episode and enjoyed relatively high ratings (14.3%). Looking forward to the next episode!!!


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I he looks hotter with curly hair

Comment by lucienne

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